Blackberry Dream

Available in regular seeds.
Genetics: Kimbo Kush x Super Silver Haze
Type: Hybrid 
Flowering: 9-10 weeks
Extremely euphoric, almost opiate. Mind is creative and contemplative while body warm and relaxed. Great after-dinner smoke. 
Regular seed packets include 12 seeds (BBD-R)



  • Type: 60/40 Sativa Dom
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks (depending on pheno)
  • Yield: Extremely heavy
  • Potency: Very Potent
  • Genetics: Kimbo Kush x Super Silver Haze
  • Seed Type: Regular and Feminized

After growing out literally hundreds of strains with bland effects, I wanted to create a strain specifically with euphoria as the breeding goal.

The kimbo kush leaning pheno is a great yielder with lots of frost, and can be harvested in 9 weeks. The Super Silver Haze leaning pheno needs closer to 10 weeks to finish but you will be rewarded with massive yields that more than compensate for the additional flower time. The yield on the Super Silver Haze dom pheno can be compared to Blue Dream.

Rather than me describing the strain, I thought I would let a couple of our customers describe it:

“Testing side by side comparisons in great detail and length. From how long it takes for the seeds to crack open till the last day of a perfect cure. I have been testing, growing, and curing a wide range of phenotypes, hybrids, indicas, sativas, As I said before when I didn’t know her as well as I know her now Matt’s BLACKBERRY DREAM have really have stood the test of time the consistency of this strain is amazing… I can smoke a lot of different strains but my first best girl is BlackBerry dream It’s very hard to describe a true euphoric feeling but I’m going to try.  You know when you get that feeling when it’s a beautiful day no humidity beautiful Breeze and if you ever had the experience looking out over a tranquil Sea… You don’t have a care in the world and you just feel happy that’s an amazing feeling and I can see why people with depression and anxiety benefit tremendously. A truly Superior genetic…. When she’s done I hate to cut her down she even has her very own distinguishable look to her. I’m going to sum it up with these Three words EXOTIC SEXY GENETICS !!!!!! AMAZING work my friend…….”
– Paul P./PureGrow13, Cannabis Cup Winner Amsterdam 1991

“I remember clearly the first time I smelled and tasted Blackberry Dream, The rich earthy smell with a hint of spice and blackberry was mind blowing and the buzz can only be described as a comfortable relaxed body with a sharp, clear, creative and powerfully euphoric mind. For me, the effect was very memorable unique and unlike anything I have ever tried in my life…Thinking back it was almost opiate and dream-like for lack of a better way to describe it. This is my favorite strain to smoke.”
– Jim

GROWERS NOTE: Adding additional phosphorus products (such as Shooting Powder) can cause foxtailing. If you use phosphorus supplementation late in flower, we suggest that you wait until around week 8. Does not like salt buildup. Blackberry Dream lab results came in at 27.5% THC. 


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