In August of 2015, we are proud to announce that Elev8 Seeds was featured in Dope Magazine (link) in their 48th issue with a blog article named “Raising the Bar with Legendary Genetics.”

Click here to see a PDF of our article in Dope Magazine.

The content of the magazine is shared below for your viewing pleasure.


Dope Magazine, Series 48.

Writer – R.Z. Hughes

Photos – Angela Bogsch


In terms of producing high-quality cannabis, the biggest challenge facing most growers today is access to elite genetics. Those how have bred classic strains often don’t want to let their intellectual property out of their trusted network of growers, building a cult-like following for strains such as Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue and Starfighter. Many such strains have disappeared altogether; as clone-only plants with no seed stock, have vanished into cannabis folklore.

Elev8 Seeds is a genetics company that is reviving old classics originally thought to be available to those in the know. The UK Cheese Exodus cut, one of the most popular strains around the globe since the early ‘90s, and exclusively clone-only in the past is now available through Elev8 Seeds. Starfighter is another classic strain resurrected by the team at Elev8. This strain is said to have commanded some of the highest prices for a single clone of any cannabis plant in history – more than $20,000! Luckily the price tag for the seeds is nowhere close to that, and they look to be every bit as potent as their rare ancestors.

By taking a similar male and backcrossing it five generations with a classic cutting they are able to preserve 97% of the genetic material of the authentic strain. If anything, yields and potency may be increased as they painstakingly choose the best phenotype from the five generations to breed with.

While these aren’t the original strains as they were back then, they are almost mirror images, and certainly the closes representation we have had of these mythical strains for some time.


Germinating and Planting Seeds:

  • Lay seeds on a damp paper towel and place another couple of damp tissues on top of them.
  • Place the seeds on the tissues on the plate with another plate or bowl on top of it.
  • Keep this in a warm dark place for as long as it takes the taproot to sprout, usually within three days though sometimes up to ten.
  • Check the seeds everyday and spray tissue with water to ensure they stay damp. Seeds die if they dry out!
  • Once the taproot has broken through, place in the growing medium root down just a few millimeters deep and lightly cover.